It's not always easy to be objective with the bands we produce but this new album from 1984 will remain among the best records released by Dirty Punk Records! So here is this band again with 11 new very high level songs. How to describe this genius album: Stiff Little Fingers-style punk rock, a big dose of streetpunk, a bit of Clash-style reggae punk and even a few more speed moments. Their first album was already fantastic, but with “Nothing will ever change” we are closer to a perfect album. Don’t miss this! Normal edition on black vinyl or limited edition on grey marble vinyl.

We are in 1996, the entire French scene is represented by punk rock bands. All ? No ! On the Alsace side, a band of diehards are resisting and playing oi! : The KRO MEN! While in Europe, street punk is rearing its ugly head, the Kro Men, well before anyone else in France, are taking on a sound that has been somewhat forgotten since the 80s. Released at the time only on CD; the “Pallussy” album packs a real punch, with an oi! clearly paying homage to the French scene of the 80s and a awsome visual entirely produced by singer Randu. Accompanied by Loran and Alain, the band is making a lot of noise at a time when the skin movement is slowly and painfully making a comeback. So here it is finally for the first time on vinyl almost 30 years after the release of the CD. And this album deserved a beautiful opening sleeve in honor of the poor Poupoule. All on pastel blue vinyl and at a fair price. A great way to pay tribute to Randu and Alain, who left far too soon!

Have you dreamed of listening to all of TULAVIOK's hits in concert?? Well it’s done, and what a show! Recorded during a gig shared with LES SHERIFF in 2023, this album by LOULOU LAVIOK entitled "TULAVIOK IS ALIVE" contains 13 cult TULAVIOK songs from "Skin ou Keupon", "Faits comme des rats" or "Gros dégueulasse" to " Sac à Gnôle", "Les Anarchistes", "Les Filles de Camaret".... The recording demonstrates a very rare sound quality for a Live album and immerses us in the pure energy of the band. We almost never release live albums at Dirty Punk Records but this time we didn't hesitate because it feels like we're in front of the band with high quality sound! The vinyl was released on transparent yellow vinyl with also a more limited edition on purple vinyl. Each vinyl also contains the CD (with 3 additional tracks). And for CD addicts, we also distribute a CD in crystal cases.

The beginning of the 90's in France was very marked by a typically French punk rock style, sometimes also called Punk Rock Messin. PKRK is the first representative. Their 2nd album "Atchoum" had until now never been repressed on vinyl since the 1991 original. And what an album! Songs like “On n'est pas sérieux” or “Tant que tu vis ton trip” are among the band's hits still played on stage in 2023. An unforgettable punk rock on the poetry of Vincen's lyrics makes “Atchoum” probably the band's best album. So here it is again available on vinyl. 300 copies were pressed by Dirty Punk in a yellow sleeve and 300 copies by Combat Rock in a red sleeve.

Nearly at the same time that the new album, here come at last a R.A.S. new 7".
Recorded in 2015 by the same band as the maxi "Pas le temps de regretter", R.A.S. (before the change of name to R.A.S. 84, following the departure of one of the founding members) here dares a very personal cover of the classic "Classe criminale " by Camera Silens, with sharp guitars and keyboard. On B side, an unpublished version of the song "Jeunesse de la honte", entirely sung by Rémi (while the previous one was a duet with Karl from Comintern Sect). The photographer Luc Dartois signs, in a sober style, the cover and central labels. Edition of 400 copies.

After four years of absence, R.A.S. 84 (new name following the departure of one of the founding members) returns with eight brand new songs. Since their last EP, the band has evolved: always between punk and oi! influences, more mid-tempo giving more place to melodies and always more singalongs... With "Rien ne pourra effacer...", a new page is written for these French skunk pioneers. Concerning the package, it is once again very class, with a superb varnish effect on the logo. And keep your eyes open because the band is ready to get back on the road for shows.

Following the sudden stop of Euthanasie Records, our famous KOMINTERN SECT ended up without any label. Their album "Dernier Combat" being out of print, it was an opportunity for us to repress it on vinyl. No need to introduce this French cult oi! album with its batch of hits like "Les Années d'Acier", "Rêves de liberté", "Dernier Combat"... Here is this must-have album again in a superb gatefold sleeve, full of photos. And for the biggest fans, we also made a limited edition on beer-colored vinyl available on the Dirty Punk webstore.

Since HATEFUL exists, at “Dirty Punk” we are a fan and we follow this band very closely. All their albums are brillant but this time our 4 Scots are reaching the very high level! HATEFUL release probably here their best album. A wide variety of melodies, complex compositions, quality punk rock and the voice with a touch of oi! of the singer make these 13 songs (15 on the CD) a high quality album. This record is a marvel! So if you know the band, rush over it and if you haven't listened to Hateful yet, go there with your eyes closed. All the vinyls contain a CD with the 15 titles and the CD alone is in digipack.

Another heavyweight of the English scene released on Dirty Punk Records and certainly one of the best known and best Oï! bands ever. Formed in 1979, THE 4 SKINS have released a lot of songs on compilations that have marked the history of Oï! music like "Oi!" the album", "Strength Thru Oi! "Carry on Oi!" »... as well as some cult 7''s. By adding a few rare titles, we were able to release this double album bringing together the best of the band. Everything is there and everything is essential. No extensions with dirty sounding lives or bad rehearsals in a garage, here is gathered all the best of the 4 SKINS. All in a superb gatefold sleeve with beautiful and rare photos of the band and a history of the songs written by Mark Brennan. A wonder to hold in your hands. And as often, we released a limited edition in transparent blue double vinyl limited to 300 copies.


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KRO MEN: "Phallussy" LP
Their cult and unique album of 1996. on pastel blue vinyl and gatefold sleeve.

1984: "Nothing Will Ever Change" LP
Their fantastic 2nd album. 11 songs, black vinyl or limited edition on grey marbled vinyl.

LOULOU LAVIOK: "Tulaviok is alive" LP+CD/CD
All Tulaviok hits recorded live in 2023. Yellow vinyl or limited edition on purple vinyl.
CD included with 3 bonus songs or CD only in jewel box.

PKRK: "Atchoum" LP
Reissue of their 1991 2nd album de 1991. Yellow sleeve edition.

R.A.S.: "Classe Criminelle" 7''
2 songs recorded during the 2015 session: One cover song of Camera Silens and
"Jeunesse de la Honte" without Carl of Komintern Sect singing.

R.A.S. 84: "Rien ne pourra effecer..." LP
Brand new 8 songs album, sleeve with varnish relief effect on the logo.

KOMINTERN SECT: "Dernier Combat" LP
Reissue of their 2eme album in a gatefold sleeve.
Black vinyl or limited edition on beer yellow vinyl.

HATEFUL: "You Just Got Fooled Again" LP+CD/CD
Latest and probably best album for this fantastic Scotish punk rock
13 songs LP includind 15 songs CD or 15 songs digipack CD

THE 4 SKINS: "Singles & Rarities" doubleLP
All the 7"s, compilation tracks and rare songs for one of the best english Oï! band
23 songs on a double LP in a gatefold sleeve.
Double black vinyls or limited edition on double clear blue vinyls.


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