Since HATEFUL exists, at “Dirty Punk” we are a fan and we follow this band very closely. All their albums are brillant but this time our 4 Scots are reaching the very high level! HATEFUL release probably here their best album. A wide variety of melodies, complex compositions, quality punk rock and the voice with a touch of oi! of the singer make these 13 songs (15 on the CD) a high quality album. This record is a marvel! So if you know the band, rush over it and if you haven't listened to Hateful yet, go there with your eyes closed. All the vinyls contain a CD with the 15 titles and the CD alone is in digipack.

Another heavyweight of the English scene released on Dirty Punk Records and certainly one of the best known and best Oï! bands ever. Formed in 1979, THE 4 SKINS have released a lot of songs on compilations that have marked the history of Oï! music like "Oi!" the album", "Strength Thru Oi! "Carry on Oi!" »... as well as some cult 7''s. By adding a few rare titles, we were able to release this double album bringing together the best of the band. Everything is there and everything is essential. No extensions with dirty sounding lives or bad rehearsals in a garage, here is gathered all the best of the 4 SKINS. All in a superb gatefold sleeve with beautiful and rare photos of the band and a history of the songs written by Mark Brennan. A wonder to hold in your hands. And as often, we released a limited edition in transparent blue double vinyl limited to 300 copies.

After their fabulous album released in 2018 and already sold out, PANIK LTDC are finally back with 3 new songs. The band has not lost his energy and his powerful punk rock. They offer us in addition to a new version of their hit "Les Troubadours Du Chaos" version 2022 and it's an absolute marvel! Unfortunately 3 songs is short, so we opted for a one-sided maxi with a magnificent engraving on B side. A good vinyl for ears and eyes! 500 copies.

Here's one of the biggest British bands ever at Dirty Punk's. Regarding THE EXPLOITED, everything in vinyl has been pressed again for years, except singles, whose last vinyl pressing dates back to 1996. And, unlike this old edition, this new pressing also includes titles from the ''Jesus is Dead'' and "War Now'' maxi singles. You'll find everything : EPs, maxi singles and compilations: 27 tracks altogether. Therefore, it's a double vinyl with a wonderful gatefold sleeve. And, for every collector addicts, there is a double limited edition of 300 copies in clear turquoise blue. Very classy!

Here is 2022 starting with one of the most famous punk band! This new vinyl from the UK SUBS brings together the two 45s "The Beast" and "Predator" released in 2017 as well as the maxi "Screaming Senile" from 2018. These 3 vinyls were self-produced by the band itself and printed in a limited number of copies . Thats why it's really not easy to find them. So here it is again on this LP. 9 studio tracks with 5 live tracks recorded in Vienne (France). And with the vinyl, the CD is included and it contains the 9 titles as well as the live in Vienna in its entirety.
Released with 2 different sleeves. Let the legend go on!!!

There are albums in the history of French punk that the lack of vinyl release was a really omission. In 2021, there aren't many, but the INFRAKTION album is one of them. 25 years after this frustration, you can die without remorse because here is finally this fabulous album on vinyl format. And what an album !!! In 1996, Les Cadavres no longer played and Vérole the singer was recruited by this band which already had three excellent demos to its credit. Very quickly the band tour without stopping. This is the time of the Les Sales Majéstés, Heyoka, Molodoï ... and Infraktion. This band recorded "Sous les pavés ... La rage" in 1996. On the bill of all festivals, the band becomes essential. The CD released by Crash Disques is a success. Here are these 12 wonderful punk rock tracks with incisive and sarcastic lyrics (including a fabulous punk rock cover of a Coluche song) available for the first time on vinyl. In a beautiful gatefold sleeve and with Chester drawing.
Available on yellow and red vinyls as a limited edition.

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HATEFUL: "You Just Got Fooled Again" LP+CD/CD
Latest and probably best album for this fantastic Scotish punk rock
13 songs LP includind 15 songs CD or 15 songs digipack CD

THE 4 SKINS: "Singles & Rarities" doubleLP
All the 7"s, compilation tracks and rare songs for one of the best english Oï! band
23 songs on a double LP in a gatefold sleeve.
Double black vinyls or limited edition on double clear blue vinyls.

PANIK LTDC: "Trop Tard" MiniLP12''
3 new songs on side A (including a new version of Les Troubadours du Chaos 2022) and a nice engraving side on B side.

THE EXPLOITED: "Complete Punk Singles Collection" doubleLP
All the 7"s, Maxis 12'' and compilations for this cult british band.
27 songs on a double LP in a gatefold sleeve.
Double black vinyls or limited edition on double blue vinyls.

UK SUBS: Welcome to the 2.0 world LP
This LP brings together the two 7" "The Beast" and "Predator" as well as the maxi "Screaming Senile"+ 5 live songs.
Available with 2 different sleeves.

INFRAKTION: Sous les pavés... La rage LP
for the 1st time on vinyl, their grat album of 1996.
On yellow vinyl or limited edition on red vinyl, gatefold sleeve.

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