Due to succeful selling of RAS maxi 12'', we just repress it on red vinyl. More beautiful!

Here we are! If you follow this page, this is not a surprise: The long awaited new R.A.S. mini LP/CD (co-release with the german label COntra Records).The band had 5 unreleased tracks, written between 1982 and 1984 but never been recorded then. Here they are at last in 2017! And it sounds like back then but bigger. Some prestigious guests have contributed to this session : Carl from Komintern Sect on the classic "Jeunesse de la honte", Mourad from L'Infanterie Sauvage, Fredo from Outreau and Joss from Gonna get Yours. The whole thing comes with an insert with lyrics for the vinyl version and a three sides digipack for the CD version. And icing on the cake is 10 bonus tracks on the CD, coming from the R.A.S. tribute album "Hommages" released in 2000. The band still tour in France and abroad, don't miss them!

Sold 10€ + postage Vinyl or CD

2016 was not so prolific with releases at Dirty Punk Records. But watch out, 2017 will be!
And we beginning 2017 with the reissue of one of the most famous 7'' of the french punk/Oï scene: R.A.S. "Rien à signaler" 7". First production of Fomb Records in 1983, it has been for a long time a rare and sought after record in french punk/skinhead scene. In 2012, Euthanasie Records had already repressed this classic. Being out of print, we repress it with a slightly different sleeve (non foldout sleeve, new back sleeve, 4 pages insert still with lyrics and a band story). Songs like "Mort pour la France", "Chasse à l'homme" or "Votez pour moi" are now classics of the french Oi! culture and here they are available again.

Sold 5,50€ + postage

If there’s a band that ever mattered for the label, it is Oxymoron ( the name of the label speaks for itself). As a major group of the 90’s punk scene, Oxymoron definitely is a street punk heavyweight. They re-released the English punk sound of the early eighties as if it was the nineties. Virtually the creators of that street punk wave, they opened the way for loads of other bands. After hundreds of gigs all around the world, 4 LPs ,a few EPs, and some tracks on various compilations, the band eventually split up in 2002, And guess what ? These rare tracks are all gathered together on this double vinyl, matching the « Best before 2000 » CD, which was never released as a vinyl at the time. 18 tracks, practically all hits !

Sold 20€ + postage

And exclusively on Dirty Punk Shop, and for one more Euro, you can buy the limited edition on yellow vinyl limited to 100 copies!

Here is the complete collection of the famous Parisian group : they produced it themselves and it’s being distributed by Dirty Punk. Nothing’s missing on that 29 track CD : from the « Liberté » album to grand demos, going through live tracks or during rehearsals, from oldies to never released before material, « oï punk », sweat, beer, and supporters. But it’s not enough, as the packaging is worth volumes of decibels with a PVC sleeve (Ep size), including a poster (54x72) : on the front : a patchwork of pictures, posters, drawings and Lp reviews, and on the back, a real board game themed on the band’s history for your peaceful evenings between punks and skins. And, to top it off, it’s being sold at a 100% working class price.
After a unique gig in Paris, here’s to add to the fun…

We are more than proud of the re release of that famous Scottish band we ‘ve always been massive fans of ! Through over 35 years of punk rock, EXTERNAL MENACE has left its mark twice : in the early ‘80s with several EPs worthy of the best first Exploited titles ; then, in the mid ‘90s, by successfully getting the band back together. For the first time ever, « Coalition Blues » includes all first ‘80s EPs, available on vinyl. For those who are not familiar with the band, take our word for it, it’s magnificent, pure British eighties punk rock ! Every now and then, the band still plays few festivals. 14 tracks on orange vinyl and a folding sleeve.

Sold 12€+postage

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RAS: Pas le temps de regretter Maxi 12"/CD
5 songs written between 1982-1984 and recorded in 2015. +10 bonus tracks from "Hommage à R.A.S." compilation on the CD.

RAS: Rien à signaler EP 7''
Reissue of this cult 7" of the french punk/Oï scene.

OXYMORON: Dirty Punk Anthems (Singles & Rarities) DoLP
All the 7"s and rares songs on a double LP and gatefold sleeve.
600 black vinyls and 100 limited yellow vinyls exclusively on the Dirty Punk Shop

All the titles of the 80's on one vinyl
Orange vinyl, Gatefold Sleeve, 12 € + postage

SHERWOOD POGO: "Total Story 81-87" CD
29 tracks CD including the full discography of this 80's french band. In a 7" format leaflet sleeve/poster.
6€ + postage

Write us for prices including postage out of France