It’s been 10 years already since we’ve re-pressed that landmark of French punk rock, and 22 years since the release of the original album « Dèche à la Chtouille ». This TULAVIOK vinyl, which has been unavailable for ages, once again undergoes the Dirty Punk treatment. The band 's concept: doing bawdy songs the punk way.
To rise to the occasion, we have put every effort into it: we designed a trifold sleeve in order to put back the penis which had been taken off with the last pressing. A beautifully made object you about which we'll be talking again in ten years time!
Exclusive offer if you order directly from our on line shop, as a special gift: the original stencil for you to cut out, including the Zob Music logo, the exact replica of the one inserted in the "Dèche à la Chtouille" original album! 
This awsome pressing if of course sold a little bit more expensive but it worth the effort!

Exception to the rule, this is a new release only on CD format. After the vinyl reissues of the best studio, demo and live recordings of L'Infanterie Sauvage, major and cult band of the punk/Oi! scene of the the early eighties, it was time for an anthology to bring together the best pieces on a CD. That has now been done, with a digipack and a 24 pages booklet, information, interview and rare or never seen pictures.You will find of course the 7 studio songs (the EP and the songs taken from compilations) and a lot of songs taken from demos but above all there is also 7 unreleased songs. Sound quality is sometimes a bit low as you could listen to in almost of 80's demos tapes but you have in this CD, 28 testament songs of L'Infanterie Sauvage.

We're so happy to release one of our favourite french band. at present. The band first got together in 2007.Members and name changed until they settled down on the current line up. Nonna (lead vocals/guitar), Thomas (guitar/chorus), Lothaire (drums chorus), and Manu (bass guitar/chorus). The band clearly displays its British influences with a punk-rock combining as much components as trends. Their credentials : The Clash, Business, Stiff Little Fingers… with anything that can drive them, within the punk universe, protest which drives what they are fighting for.
After an album including their two EPs, they are back with that 8 track album.We were wondering if they could do better ??
Well, yeah, they did ! Fabulous !

Available on blue vinyl and CD.

Those who follow Dirty Punk Records know that we love this Dutch band and at last they released their third album. And then.. all you can think about is IT IS THE BEST : 14 ultra powerful and bombastic tracks with a good dose of Street punk above it, for good measure. The band therefore remains in line with their album « Shades of Fear » which we were so proud of already. Tobe released as a CD and a green vinyl.

We missed this vinyl in the bunch of LES CADAVRES albums on Dirty Punk Records. So here we are! We repress the rare and 1st album of the band. For us, it was more urgent to release "Le Bonheur" and "L'art de mourir" cause they never exist on vinyl but "Existence Saine" is as good as the other ones. So 28 years after the 1st pressing on Forbidden Records, Dirty Punk Records repress at last this LP. And what an album !! After some EPs and compilations during the 80's, the band has found a new sound and recorded those 11 tracks in 1989. « Existence Saine » is the beginning of some cult album series for the band, which is gonna spread its joy and good mood for decades on. Titles such as «7h23 », « Existence Saine », « La Fin » ou « Les salauds vont en enfer » sure will remain in the Pantheon of French punk rock.
As for the Cadavres albums which urderwent the Dirty Punk treatment, this one is being re pressed with a fold cover and green vinyl.

Due to succeful selling of RAS maxi 12'', we just repress it on red vinyl. More beautiful!

Here we are! If you follow this page, this is not a surprise: The long awaited new R.A.S. mini LP/CD (co-release with the german label COntra Records).The band had 5 unreleased tracks, written between 1982 and 1984 but never been recorded then. Here they are at last in 2017! And it sounds like back then but bigger. Some prestigious guests have contributed to this session : Carl from Komintern Sect on the classic "Jeunesse de la honte", Mourad from L'Infanterie Sauvage, Fredo from Outreau and Joss from Gonna get Yours. The whole thing comes with an insert with lyrics for the vinyl version and a three sides digipack for the CD version. And icing on the cake is 10 bonus tracks on the CD, coming from the R.A.S. tribute album "Hommages" released in 2000. The band still tour in France and abroad, don't miss them!

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TULAVIOK: Dèche à la Ch'touille LP
Reissue of the 1st album on vinyl format in a 3 fold sleeve + stencil.

L'INFANTERIE SAUVAGE: 1982-1984: Chansons à boire CD
28 tracks including all studio recordings, almost of the demos and even 7 unreleased songs.

1984: Never Forget LP 12"
Their 1st album 8 songs. Blue vinyl.

At last their 3rd album and probably the best. Green vinyl or CD

LES CADAVRES: Existence Saine LP 12"
Reissue of the 1st album 28 years after the original one. Green vinyl, gatefold sleeve.


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