Only 6 tracks were enough for these 4 guys from Longwy to make NO CLASS a cult band with raw punk with plainly lyrics, inspiration from the English 82 punk wave and a really good sound studio quality. No Class is therefore 2 tracks on the Chaos en France compilations volumes 1 and 2 and one of the rarest EPs of the French punk scene of the 80's. Even the repressing released by Combat Rock in 1995 has now become very rare. It was therefore time to put their discography together on a vinyl accompanied by an insert with a lot of unseen photos. The vinyl is including the CD format as a bonus. In co-production with our friend Combat Rock.
Pressed on white vinyl but also on a limited marbeled edition on white, black and grey vinyl.

3 releases at one shot for the reissue of the complete LES CADAVRES discograhy.This is 2 releases reissue which were sold out.

THE CADADVRES "Existence Saine" LP / CD

After our vinyl pressing in 2017 on Dirty Punk Records, this monument of French punk is back on CD and LP. This reissue is on black vinyl and simple sleeve with printed inner sleeve. Originally released in 1989, and after a few singles and compilations, the band has found a new sound and recorded those 11 tracks. ? Existence Saine ? is the beginning of some cult album series for the band, which is gonna spread its joy and good mood for decades on. Titles such as ? 7h23 ?, ? Existence Saine ?, ? La Fin ? ou ? Les salauds vont en enfer ? sure will remain in the Pantheon of French punk rock. Note that the CD contains 12 bonuses taken from the 1st 45rpms, various demos and lives. Co-production with AZM and Nineteen something. We also have some copies of the 1st pressing in green vinyl and opening sleeve.

LES CADADVRES "Le bonheur c'est simple comme un coup de fil..." LP / CD

Already more than 10 years since we released the vinyl pressing of this superb 1992 album. Les Cadavres 's trademark lies on their lyrics, dealing mostly with death, boredom, daily gloominess and depression... not to mention the happiness a consumer's society has in store with each of us. This 2nd album,by the mythical band from the Parisian scene is nothing but a collection of hits like "Ma Téloche" (my TV), No Pasaran, 22, Basta, all of them encapsulating that festive, mushy spirit so typical of the band's name. Possibly the best French punk band from the last 30 years. Reissued this time on black vinyl and simple sleeve with printed inner sleeve. The CD contains 7 live and demo tracks as a bonus. Co-release with AZM and Nineteen something.

LES CADAVRES: "Paris sous la pluie" CD

Reissue of this 1994 live recorded at the Bataclan during a memorable show. 21 raw and remastered tracks which give the album a new freshness. Released in the following of “L'Art de mourir”, this album contains a good live mix of the first 3 albums. Co-production with AZM and Nineteen

Still hot:
1984: Never Forget LP Released in 2018, their 2nd album is already out of print. So we repressed it on black vinyl. In the tradition of the 80’s English scene. A killing machine!

RAS: Pas le temps de regretter Maxi LP: Released in 2017 and already pressed on black vinyl with 500 copies then repressed in red vinyl a few months later, here is the 3rd and final pressing on a beautiful clear vinyl. 5 songs composed between 1982 and 1984 recorded in 2015. Last chance!

Veterans of English punk team up with one of our best French bands to release this 4 track split. After all these years, RED ALERT still know how to compose very good songs mixing 80’s punk with good 77 tones. These 2 new tracks delighted our ears. Indestructible! On 1984 side, after several 7''s and a fabulous album, the band confirms its style. Talent is here and these 2 titles are in way to what the band has already done, that is to say excellent! All on a 10 "to avoid the poor quality of an overloaded EP. 500 copies including 400 clear vinyls and 100 red vinyls (exclusively available on the Dirty Punk webshop). And for the 84 first copies sold, a sceen-printed insert of 1984 is included.

This is a link to the new video of 1984. The song is taken for this split:


Here is finally the repressing of one of the best street punk albums of the 90s. Originally released in 1995, the Oxymoron impressed the punk scene with this 1st album. Almost carrying a new style, they bring the style of the 80's up to date by taking the best of punk sound and the best of oï sound against a background of unity that had long since disappeared. "Fuck the 90’s" made Oxymoron one of the pioneers of street punk. And it's not for nothing that the label's name is Dirty Punk Records! A raw and aggressive sound, punk texts, doc Marteens, mohicans and especially hits throughout the album. A pure wonder! 700 copies on black vinyl and 300 copies on spalttered vinyl!

10 years after the first reissue on Dirty Punk Records, the circle is complete with the reissue of the 2nd TULAVIOK album on vinyl format. Originally released in 1989, this LP inlcudes their 2 hits "Les Anarchistes" and "Skin ou Keupon" which became 2 french punk classics. Concerning the artwork, this is the following of "Dèche à la ch'touille" LP with a trifold sleeve including the famous whisky bottle of 1989's the early pressing. A jewel for eyes and ears!  And exclusively for each orders in our webshop, you'll get a exact replica of a postcad that the band printed in the 80's.

And this is a new video for both KROMOZOM 4 new releases: "Des Cons Gelés" out on Dirty Punk Records and "Harcore Fun" out on Lucha Libra, Guerilla vinyl, Emergence, Bourre Pif and Crapoulet. And also available soon in Dirty Punk webshop. 

Let's go with 2 brand new releases on DIRTY PUNK RECORDS!

Pioneers in the game of playing really fast, hard and fun in France, Kromozom 4 comes back 30 years after the split of the band to finish damaging your ears! They were thought dead when they were only frozen. Here they are again with 9 new tracks on the A side of this vinyl. Hardcore fun shakes your ears. On the B side, all the tracks of previous compilations of the 80's and unreleased tracks from 1985 and 1986 studio sessions... 7 cult tracks. Back in the game of one of the first French hardcore punk bands on a 500 copies clear green vinyl (like Kermit the frog fed up to be green).

One track here:

We had to wait 35 years before Panik release their 2nd album! Their deliver us 10 ultra catchy new songs with great tuneful hits that you keep in mind after a first listening. It's like they released it just after their 1st maxi LP. This is what we call a nice come back. 500 copies pressed on green vinyl. Coreleased with Combat Rock.


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NO CLASS: Rien à faire LP+CD
Reissue of their 6 songs on coloured vinyl with CD included.
Limited edition of 200 copies on marbled vinyl available in our shop.

LES CADAVRES: Existence Saine CD
Ressiue of the 1st album on CD format including 12 songs taken from 45T, lives and démo as a bonus.

LES CADAVRES: Le bonheur c'est simple... LP/CD
Reissue of the 2nd album on black vinyl and CD (including 7 lives and démo tracks as a CD bonus).

LES CADAVRES: Paris sous la pluie CD
Reissue of this 1994 live recorded at the Bataclan. 21 remastered tracks

RED ALERT/ 1984: Split 10''
2 new songs each on a 10" format. 500 copies including 400 clear vinyls and 100 red vinyl

OXYMORON: Fuck the 90's LP
Reissue of their fantastic 1st album on vinyl. Including a limited coloured edition in our shop (300 copies)!

Reissue of the 2nd album on vinyl format in a 3 fold sleeve + postcard.

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