Side A :

  1. An 18 track record

Side B:

  1. Crap received
  2. Why?

This EP is once again the product of the cooperation between Mass Production and Dirty Punk. The band wanted to release an 7" at the same time as the release of their album "Hollywodd rebels". Once more, we seized the occasion. It had been agreed that we would choose one track from the album and one original track, but we insisted a little and in the end got these two new tracks. Here's the result: a 3-track EP released in June 2001 to our greatest joy. This project was pretty expensive but we wanted quality, and had it pressed in an edition of 1500 copies, in black and white vinyl.
Within 6 months the LP was practically out of stock (again, a large proportion of the stock went to Germany). So we repressed it in an edition of 600 copies in April 2002, in red and white vinyl.