THE VIRUS: Benefits of war 7"



Side A :

  1. Benefits of War
  2. Keep on Walking

Side B:

  1. Undercover
  2. Nations on Fire
We were more or less in contact with Jarrod, the drummer. In fact, I used to order the Virus LPs directly from him. In an email in summer 2002, I explained that a lot of people liked the band in Europe, but that the LPs were very difficult to find or else very expensive. The idea was to press their albums in Europe. Unfortunately, the band doesn't own the rights and we needed an authorization from Punk Core Records. Since we weren't very lucky on that side either, the band proposed that they record an EP for us. After a few months preparing, recording and mixing the new tracks, we found ourselves in May 2003 with an excellent EP comprising 3 original tracks and a reissue from Blitz. We really got a kick from this record. The tracks are less heavy-going than their albums and the street punk touch is stronger
It was released in an edition of 1000 copies in June 2003, including 500 black copies and 500 transparent copies with green and red splatter.
It was repressed in an edition of 500 copies in September 2003 in whiter and blue vinyl, and a third time in 700 grey and black spotted copies in June 2004.