REAZIONE: Scars'n'Beers LP 12"



Side A:

  1. Kids of Europe
  2. Strongest union
  3. Re-a-zio-ne
  4. Everyday life
  5. F.Y.U
  6. Happy Boozers
  7. La mia Bella
  8. Yesterdays heroes

Side B:

  1. Mad about you
  2. Mirror
  3. Long gone days
  4. Friggin'
  5. Nowhere pub
  6. Violence in my head
  7. Planet Earth
That production wasn't premeditated, or rather it was very improvised. When Betty told us about the release of their second album in August 2002, we offered right away to release a vinyl version (since their first album had unfortunately not been released in vinyl at the time). This was not something we had planned and after a few weeks' thought, the band answered it was OK on condition we could release it relatively quickly to that it could be close to the CD.
So we made haste and as soon as we got everything from the band, we got things going.
We're quite proud because it's the first oï band for us at Dirty Punk and we hope there will be others. In the end the vinyl was released early December 2002 in an edition of 600 copies, 100 in colored vinyl (yellow and blue). Given the requests we got, we had to provide 400 more copies in May 2003. The repressed copies have an inside out sleeve.