REAZIONE: L'altra faccia della riviera 10"



Side A:

  1. Ribelle
  2. Forse un giorno vincera!
  3. Spugna
  4. Rimini Brucia

Side B:

  1. Dalla parte giusta
  2. Contro il muro
  3. Oppressione mentale quotidiana
  4. Alcool anthems
Reazione's mini album, released in 1997 as a CD only, came as a bombshell among the oi scene. They were probably one of the best oi bands at that time. "L'Altra Faccia Della Riviera", with loud voice and offensive sound, will help these native Italians to spread their music and play in Germany, Belgium and France. They are also regular guests at the "Holidays In The Sun" festivals in England. These fantastic 8 songs turned out to be the highlight of the band.
One regret though: the songs were exclusively available on CDs. After the release of "Scars'n'Beers", we became closer to the band and we had planned to publish the tracks on vinyl sometime. No doubt, it was the longest dragged-on production ever, because of various "unexpected events"! Eventually, the 10" was launched in June 2005. An accomplished dream for the band and for us all !!!
8 tracks, including an a capella booze anthem. 600 copies available (plus 2 inserts with lyrics).