NCA: The final punksound (LP12"/CD)


  1. Etat des lieux
  2. Oïasis
  3. Heading for crisis
  4. Don't care
  5. The runaway
  6. Trop donner
  7. Get the nazi out
  8. Wrecked life
  9. Terrorista
  10. More beer
  11. My identity
  12. Insoumission
  13. Lost soul

(Sold out)

  1. Etat des lieux
  2. Oïasis
  3. Under another
  4. Heading for crisis
  5. Don't care
  6. The runaway
  7. Trop donner
  8. Get the nazi out
  9. Wrecked life








With the band already talking of splitting (Yann the bass left the band and was replaced by Cédric), we couldn't imagine that they weren't going to record anything new. After much insistence, the band came back for the recording and made us 9 magnificent new songs, 100% street punk. Some are in French, others in English. Other Breton labels (Mass Production/ Rural Musik/ Chaotique assaut) combined forces with us to enable us to release the record in CD and LP. And so it was released in July 2000, in an edition of 500 LP copies and 500 CD copies.
In the end, the band has carried on and still does a few dates from time to time. Even if they've decided to quit, they sometimes give in to a last goodbye concert and let's hope it lasts!
The cover was much talked about. As you can see, they thought it would be fun to copy a cover from the 80s Hard rock FM band: Europe. They simply put their mugs instead of the original musicians. It made some people laugh and others run. The effect was so good a lot of people thought it really was Europe, and other younger people (or who hadn't known Europe) thought it was really the NCA… Some magazines didn't even open the CD before classifying it as hard rock. Fuck!
Misunderstanding or impossible-to-sell cover, the thing is, this record is musically one of our best productions, so forget the cover and just listen.
The CD version has one less track than the LP (Under another) but as an extra it has the Terrorista piece from the Charge 69/NCA split, as well as the "More beer for the punx" band's very first EP.
The CD was repressed a second time in an edition of 500 copies in December 2000.