LOWER CLASS BRATS: The New Seditionaries LP 12"



Side A :

  1. Go Insane
  2. New Seditionaries
  3. P.G.L.
  4. I'm a Mess
  5. Don't Care About Me
  6. Lip Music

Side B:

  1. See You Go
  2. Fools
  3. The Worst
  4. (Cat's Clause)
  5. Beware
  6. Two In The Heart
  7. Walking Into The Fire

Ah ! Do we cherish our Texan friends ! We had mentioned this album after their latest tour. We were already aware that TKO would release it, but we were interested in the vinyl. It didn't take much time to find an agreement between the band and their label. First, we started on about a licence for Europe, then we ended up with the vinyl version for the whole wide world ! (TKO is taking care of the CDs). As a result, we are genuinely satisfied : each of the 13 tracks is a hit. Well, a few titles are already on some EPs, but the new recordings are catchier and more powerful. A gigantic sound that takes them miles away from the raw sound of their first LP, but also considerably above the two last ones. One might as well call it a killer, but that wouldn't be objective... would it ?