1. Oh Yeah!
  2. The Haunting
  3. Exploding Teenage Emotions
  4. Punk Rock Queen
  5. Set the detonator on zero
  6. Paranoia
  7. The Common Man
  8. Drink Until The Day That I Die
  9. Suicidal Twist
  10. Gonna Get
  11. I Wanna Be A Dagger

12. Exploding Teenage Emotions
13. Drink Until The Day That I Die
14. Set the detonator on zero
15. Oh Yeah!

It was in Summer 2002 that we got an email with a song from this as yet unknown Swedish band. The title was the demo version of "Oh Yeah" and I can tell you we stayed glued to the computer with the song playing over and over again. In those cases you need to react quickly. We immediately offered to release an album for them. They accepted. After a few months for recording, soundmix, and cover design, the record arrived one morning in January 2003. We pressed 1000 copies immediately because there was already considerable demand in Sweden. That country is a real punk reserve!
Although we find the record a bit short (we could listen to the stuff for hours!), their street punk oï'n'roll will do your head in!