DOWN AND AWAY: Rising up 7"



Side A :

  1. Rising up
  2. Falling

Side B:

  1. Step right in
  2. Punks inc.

We came across David of the Down And Away by chance at a Voice of a generation gig. He gave us his band's demo CD and the very first time we listened to it we liked it. It must be said the members of the band are no beginners and that one of them was the singer from Voice of a generation. And musically it reminded us of Voice of a generation with an added touch of Dropkick Murphys.
The band first proposed that we do a French edition of the album they released in Germany with Rockstar Records. We preferred to propose a new EP. The band left us a free hand for the jacket and gave us one track from their album and 3 original tracks.
With one album and one LP, Down and Away prove themselves to be one of the best Swedish street punk bands of the moment.
The record was released in December 2001 in an edition of 1000 copies.