CIDER BREAKFAST: Anti-Patriotic Frankenstein CD




  1. H2O
  2. Riot
  3. Foad
  4. Street Punk
  5. Strength to live
  6. Congratulations
  7. Yankee Punky
  8. Overdose Nation
  9. Sex, Ink, Punk & Disorderly
  10. Love song
  11. Feather & Bones
  12. Fuck the law, Squat the world
  13. Give us the gist of it
  14. Save the Anarchy
  15. Punk sincerity
When Philippe, an old friend from North of France and ex-schoolfriend, brought us 8 songs from his new band, we were surprised with the result. Good sound in the American punk style. A big surprise for a French band. The idea was for the Cider to release an EP. But we offered directly to release a real album.
That meant the band had to go back to the studio for a bit (after a few months writing new songs) to come out with 14 punk destroy songs.
It's true we were a little surprised (and not agreed over everything) when we got some of the words, including the famous "Save the Anarchy". But we decided to try this anarcho punk band anyway (once in a while: specially anti Crass and anti Hippy anarcho punks!!!) on Dirty punk since they could get some of those bands on the other side of the Atlantic blushing.
Since the recording the drummer has left for Switzerland and rehearsals have got rarer. But the band decided to go on doing the tours and concerts for a while. It seems that they split up now.
The album was released in September 2002 on CD in an edition of 500 copies… and 8 months later we pressed 500 more (May 2003).