WUNDERBACH: 82/84 LP 12"



Side A :

  1. Paris-Londres
  2. Oublions l'Amérique
  3. Week-end à Nanterre
  4. Raya
  5. Bons Français
  6. X
  7. Huguette
  8. Aujourd'hui dans la rue
  9. Pas pour moi

Side B:

  1. Pas de références
  2. Détournement
  3. Guardia Civil
  4. La faute à qui?
  5. 25 ans
  6. Charognard
  7. Bazuco
  8. Paris-Berlin
  9. Les vieux riches

"Paris-London.", one of the greatest classics of French punk music. For me, Wunderbach is simply the best punk band of the 80s. So the minute Combat Rock reedited this CD (which had already been pressed in a small quantity, in an autoproduction in the 90s), we came knocking on Capsul (Combat Rock) door. Then time passed. We both had other plans and kept saying we would do it one of these days (just as we do for other projects which are still pending). Then things came to a head in early 2005. We were supposed to be editing the 18th production (Reazione "L'altra faccia della riviera") and our friends at the post office lost the recordings. By the time we had recovered everything and sent it to press, we would have lost months ! So we put some speed on Wunderbach and it was sent off and pressed in less than 2 months.
This record includes 2 albums which are now not only rarities but also very expensive: the maxi 6 titles and the LP "Pas de références". For that one, we had to remove the cover version"Wanna be free" due to lack of space. But we left of course the two original titles "Huguette" and "Les vieux riches" which had never come out in vinyl before.
1000 copies were pressed on yellow vinyl, with an insert on the history of the band.
Published beginning of May 2005.