WUNDERBACH: Increvables LP 12"/CD


Side A :

  1. A La Frontière...
  2. On Te Ment
  3. Par Ici
  4. Roulette Russe
  5. Jusqu'àLa Lie
  6. Rien Ne Bouge

Side B:

  1. Wunderparty
  2. Immortels
  3. Riot Grrrl
  4. La Chaîne
  5. S...D...F...
  6. Bonnie & Clyde

So… here is the first album and first recording of the band.. more than 25 years later. Of course, since they got the band back together , they’ve left behind the mixed vocals which was their trademark when they first began; but, their punk rock is still angry and uncompromising, accompanied by more than ever politically aware lyrics. 12 tracks a la “2011 Wunderbach” You can’t forget the “raïa”* that easily. It lasts forever..
CD (a Combat Rock co-production), and vinyl release (Dirty Punk), 500 copies available
*raïa: angry, rebellious gang...the band’s motto…its identity