UK SUBS: Violent State LP 12"



Side A :

  1. Livin' Dead
  2. Squat 96
  3. Emotional Blackmail
  4. Cyber Junk
  5. State of Alert
  6. Mouth on a Stick
  7. New York State Police
  8. Organised Crime
  9. Quintessentials
  10. Works
  11. Sensitive Boys
  12. Ice Age

Side B:

  1. Crash Course
  2. Tomorrow's Girls
  3. Warhead
  4. Riot
  5. Stranglehold
  6. I Couldn't be You
  7. Limo Life
  8. Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot

People who know me also know that the UK SUBS are not just another mere punk band to me; UK SUBS is THE band that made me discover and enjoy English punk : 30 years of punk rock, 22 official albums, tons of EPs, live albums, best ofs, tours all around the world, with one of the oldest singer of the whole movement, and still someone who was able to keep a true punk attitude , an everlasting teenager. In a word, I'm filled with admiration, and I sure ain't the only one. And it's a real pleasure to keep on working with this band. So, here is the 22nd album, which is a live album. Yet, the quality of this live can't be compared to most of the band's live albums. Here, the sound is magnificent, quite close to that of "Crash Course" from 1980. The recording dates back from 2004 with the best line up ever, that is with the original members: Alvin Gibbs and Nicky Garratt. 20 tracks, including "Works", never released before, a side with titles you don't have the opportunity to hear very often like "Quintessentials", "Sensitive Boys"…and, needless to say, the unavoidable hits such as "Warhead", "Stranglehold", "Limo Life", "Tomorrow's Girls"…
This beautiful grey vinyl (released in January 2007) is a must !!