Side A :

  1. Chevaliers De La Table Ronde
  2. Le Con Et La Bouteille
  3. Quand Je Bande
  4. Ronsard a Dit
  5. Zoby Boy
  6. La Ratatouille (Duradurata)

Side B:

  1. La Bordée
  2. Les Anarchistes
  3. Skin Ou Keupon
  4. Sophie La Chtouille
  5. Cinglés
  6. Le Bourreau (CD only)
  7. Docteur Bleu

After the awesome re- pressing of the first album, "Deche a la chtouille ",here is the eagerly-awaited 2nd album, "Q-Sec". TULAVIOK, the bawdiest of all the French punk groups, still get themselves talked about, 20 years after they split up!
So, it's time for DIRTY PUNK RECORDS to release that second opus. What an album! It includes all the hits you could expect, such as "Les Anarchistes" (a cover from French late singer Leo Ferré) and "Skin ou Keupon" ( It's one of the most covered track on the French punk scene, ever). Classic hits like "Quand je bande", "Chevaliers de la table ronde" and the like, are not left out...
At the time, this album was in a giant, whisky bottle-shaped unfolding sleeve .
This time, the colour of the vinyl is bottle green (had to be!), in a gatefold sleeve, and the CD still is in digipack, 3 leaf- format, with the famous whisky bottle. Note that the CD also includes a bonus track, "Le Bourreau", a song that used to be on the "Bleu, Blanc, Rock" compilation .
So, back to square one. TULAVIOK's complete works are again available on CD and on vinyl.
Out in december 2009. 1000 copies of each format.
This takes you back some 20 years for a great time of Zob Music