TULAVIOK: Deche a la Chtouille LP12"/CD



Side A :

  1. Les Filles De Camaret
  2. Cathy
  3. Caroline La Prostipute
  4. Adieu, Fais-Toi Putain
  5. Nina Ma Poupée
  6. Gros Dégueulasse
  7. Vive La Merde

Side B:

  1. Zob-Zob-Zob
  2. Père Du Panloup
  3. Sac A Gnôle
  4. De Profondis
  5. Faits Comme Des Rats
  6. Tulaviok (Va vomir ton 4h ailleurs)

You are not dreaming ! 1989 : TULAVIOK just split up. Twenty years later, France is still waiting for the band's come back in music shops for the most bawdy of all French punk bands! Here they are again, TULAVIOK in CD and vinyl. They got the band together in 1984, with Iza, Annie, Mimi and Loulou as the core of the band. the TULAVIOK invented a brand new concept: do covers of dirty songs and songs "to drink to", with the punk spirit. "Deche la Chtouille" was their first ever album, which didn't go unnoticed thanks to its fabulous sleeve including a giant erectile cock. Of course, the sleeve could not be designed the same way, but we still managed to do an opening (and totally different) cover with a beautiful pink transparent vinyl inside. As far as the CD is concerned, you'll be able to get an amazing three fold digipack. The band had never been re-released before (except for a "Best of" during the 90s on CDs). You kept on asking me for years and years…and we eventually did it. So, you can now get rid off your old rotten cassettes and sing altogether on hit songs like "Zob-zob-zob", "Sac à Gnole" (booze bag), De Profondis…The second album will be out in 2009