TROTSKIDS: La Complète volume 2 LP 12"



Side A :

  1. Gueule d'Enfer
  2. Pas De Voyous Dans Mon Bar
  3. Secoue Plus Fort
  4. Horizon Sans Nuages
  5. La Chanson Du Dernier Obstructeur De Siphons
  6. Freddie
  7. Blanche

Side B:

  1. Dernier Repas
  2. Mise à SAC
  3. Mangeuse d'Homme
  4. Enterré Vivant
  5. Le Chéri De Ces Dames
  6. Furonculé
  7. Imagine

Here is the Volume 2 of the TROTSKIDS’ discography. This time, it includes the second part of the second album “A mort à fond”, the extremely rare EP “Mise a SAC”, the track “Enterré Vivant” which was only released on the Underground compilation, and, finally, the EP “4x en 10 minutes”, issued by Combat Rock and which was actually one of their demos. So, back to square one. And, once again, a bonus with the superb opening sleeve containing the lyrics and lots of pictures unseen before. Release in July 2008, 1000 copies.
The band is playing live again, don’t miss them!!