TOXIC WASTE "Je ne suis pas un numéro... Je suis un mouton" CD



  1. Ind'tro
  2. Entre quatre planches
  3. Kamikazer
  4. SDF
  5. Sirène de l'orient
  6. Le sachet blanc
  7. Désespoir
  8. Contrôle mental
  9. Deud'tro

A first production for Dirty Punk and it was natural for us to begin with a group (of friends) from our beautiful region of the North of France. TOXIC WASTE is a band that had already existed for a number of years in the area but strangely enough after two good demos, a few appearances in various compilations and a split EP, the band had never yet made an album. So we wanted to start our adventure with these punk rock melodies. They recorded 9 songs for us which came out in April 1998. For fans of this band, you should know there are two different sleeves: the first is more conceptual, in violet hues, and was printed in an edition of 500 copies, and we then repressed the album with the above sleeve, also in an edition of 500 copies (in March 1991).
Since then the band has made its way forwards and released several productions with the Dialektik Records label. Toxic Waste is now a reference in French punk rock.