TOTAL CHAOS: Punk Invasion LP 12"



Side A :

  1. Riot III
  2. Punk invasion
  3. Fully loaded
  4. Attack (Keep em down)
  5. Dopehead
  6. D.U.I.
  7. Sex & violence
  8. Tomorrow
  9. A punk killed
  10. Murdered

Side B:

  1. Time to go
  2. Wasteland
  3. War in L.A.
  4. Casualties of Hollywood
  5. Hey freak, Sid's dead
  6. Jock o'rama
  7. In your face
  8. I'm really free
  9. In unity

When the band came to play in Lille in the spring of 2003, we had the opportunity to discuss an vinyl version of their Punk Invasion CD. But the band was starting a two-month tour in Europe and things didn't go any further. However we had stayed in contact with the guitar player and after an exchange of emails, the singer replied that they were OK with the idea. Since we had a good many plans, this was at a standstill for several months and because of that the LP came out practically at the same time as their following album.
Not to worry, the important thing is to have this beautiful vinyl piece. It must be said also that the CD wasn't that new, and had not been distributed very much in France and in Europe. Originally released by the British label Dreamcatcher (to which we are grateful!), and shortly after by SOS Records (the band's own label), this album hadn't come out in vinyl. As far as time was concerned, the album was much too long. We had to get rid of 3 tracks, but don't worry, not the best or the longest. As a result 19 well-packed tracks, between the first and the third album (a good compromise!).
Since the 90s, the band has made a name on the punk scene and has become a real reference. And Punk Invasion is definitely at the height of their punkitude.
The vinyl was released in October 2004, in an edition of 1000 copies and with a very good-looking folding sleeve.