SAMPLER DIRTY PUNK: 20 releases, 20 tracks CD



  1. TOXIC WASTE: Controle Mental
  2. CHARGE 69: Ma Musique
  3. DIPSOMANIE: La Jeunesse
  4. NCA: Don't Care
  5. NEOPHYTE: Perestroika
  6. VOICE OF A GENERATION: An 18 Track Records
  7. DOWN AND AWAY: Punks Inc.
  8. RED FLAG 77: Why Do You Do It?
  11. THE DRIVE-INS: Exploding Teenage Emotions
  12. THE VIRUS: Benefits Of War
  13. DEFIANCE: Warfare
  14. NEOPHYTE: Petit Comédien
  15. UK SUBS: Spoils Of War
  16. LOWER CLASS BRATS: The Worst
  17. TOTAL CHAOS: Casualties Of Hollywood
  18. REAZIONE: Ribelle
  19. WUNDERBACH: Oublions L'Amerique
  20. DEFIANCE: No Reason

After 9 years, Dirty Punk Records, is releasing its 20th production. To celebrate, we've decided to launch this sampler, including a track from each of all our previous productions. It's the opportunity for us to assess our achievements, which are not that bad after all. Here's a good way to discover bands you might have missed among the 20 productions or, if you don't own a record player to play your vinyls , to have a rough idea of our past activities. Hoping we'll still be here for the 20 productions to come. We count on you!