RED FLAG 77: Moving on top 7"



Side A :

  1. Moving on top
  2. There ya go

Side B:

  1. On the line
  2. Why do you do it?

I think that amongst all our productions this is the one which kept us waiting longest. We had contacted Red Flag 77 some time ago (before the NCA album) and they had offered to give us 4 tracks for an EP, but tracks which had already been released on other records. We preferred to be patient and wait for the new ones.
These 4 new tracks were recorded in May 2001 and after having waited for over a year (mix, photos, etc…), the record came on April 22nd 2002.
But the result is impeccable and in spite of the delay, we're very pleased with it. It was released in an edition of 1000 copies.