RED ALERT/ 1984: Split 10"

LP: 11€+ postage



Red Alert Side :

  1. Too Many Goodbyes
  2. Wounds That Never Heal

1984 Side :

  1. Last Resort
  2. Out Of Time


Veterans of English punk team up with one of our best French bands to release this 4 track split. After all these years, RED ALERT still know how to compose very good songs mixing 80’s punk with good 77 tones. These 2 new tracks delighted our ears. Indestructible! On 1984 side, after several 7''s and a fabulous album, the band confirms its style. Talent is here and these 2 titles are in way to what the band has already done, that is to say excellent! All on a 10 "to avoid the poor quality of an overloaded EP. 500 copies including 100 copies on red vinyl and 400 copies on clear vinyl. For the 84 first copies sold, a sceen-printed insert of 1984 was included. Out in may 2020