RAS: "Rien à signaler" 7"



Side A :

  1. Mort Pour La France
  2. Couleur De Ta Mort

Side B:

  1. Rien à Signaler
  2. Chasse à l'Homme
  3. Votez Pour Moi



French skunk band R.A.S. is now part of Dirty Punk Records with the repress of the legendary "Rien à signaler" 7". First production of Fomb Records in 1983, it has been for a long time a rare and sought after record in french punk/skinhead scene. In 2012, Euthanasie Records had already repressed this classic. Being out of print, we repress it with a slightly different sleeve (non foldout sleeve, new back sleeve, 4 pages insert still with lyrics and a band story). Songs like "Mort pour la France", "Chasse à l'homme" or "Votez pour moi" are now classics of the french Oi! culture and here they are available again. The band joined together in 2014, still tours and has some more plans with Dirty Punk Records in the future. Out the 31st of december 2016, 500 copies pressed.