RAS: "Pas le temps de regretter" Maxi LP 12''/CD

LP: 10€+ postage

CD: 10€+ postage



Side A :

  1. Jeunesse De La Honte
  2. Paradisiak

Side B:

  1. Nelly
  2. Ma Force
  3. Cochennec

Bonus CD:

  1. Rien A Singlaer (P38)
  2. Mémoire d'un skin (Gundog)
  3. Mort Pour La France (Ususal Suspect)
  4. 84 (The Templars)
  5. Dernière Chance (Les Teckels)
  6. Chasse A L'Homme (Negative I.Q.)
  7. Alleluia (Symphonie Urbaine)
  8. L.V.F. (Impact)
  9. Votez Pour Moi (Happy Kolo)
  10. Sectarisk (The Bulldogs)


Following the re-issue of the "Rien à signaler" 7" we are pleased to continue to work with R.A.S., a reference both for punk and Oi! scenes. This time it's for new stuff... well almost. The band had 5 unreleased tracks, written between 1982 and 1984 but never been recorded then. Here they are at last in 2017! And it sounds like back then but bigger. Some prestigious guests have contributed to this session : Carl from Komintern Sect on the classic "Jeunesse de la honte", Mourad from L'Infanterie Sauvage, Fredo from Outreau and Joss from Gonna get Yours. The whole thing comes with an insert with lyrics for the vinyl version and a three sides digipack for the CD version. And icing on the cake is 10 bonus tracks on the CD, coming from the R.A.S. tribute album "Hommages" released in 2000. The band still tour in France and abroad, don't miss them! Pressing: 500 vinyls and 1000 CDs, co-release with the German label Contra Records. February 2017. Repressed on red vinyl on june 2017.