PARIS VIOLENCE:Mourir en novembre LP

PARIS VIOLENCE:Mourir en novembre LP + 7" onesided



Side A :

  1. Dans Les Barbelés
  2. Soir D'Orage
  3. Grandeur Et Décadence
  4. Sombre Epoque
  5. Amertume
  6. Grisaille

Side B:

  1. Le Chemin Des Dames
  2. Tolbiac
  3. Budapest 56
  4. Sur Les Comptoirs
  5. Novembre
  6. Terminus Pigalle

Bonus 7": Un Hiver En Banlieue

No less than ten years after its first CD release, here's , at last, the one and only..and latest PARIS VIOLENCE's album, which never came out as a vinyl. This second album is probably one of the band's finest. 12 dark, cynical and oï tracks. As usual for Paris Violence's productions, the overall package is neat, with a green, black spotted vinyl including an inner sleeve with lyrics, and for the 100 first lucky ones and happy fews who will order it straight from Dirty Punk Records, a one sided EP is available with the 13th track from the original CD "Un Hiver en Banlieue". There are several colours for this bonus vinyl: black, transparent, purple, red, spotted....Only 500 copies including 100 with an EP. Released in november 2010.