PANIK LTDC: "Aujourd'hui plus qu'hier" LP 12''

LP: 13€+ postage



Side A :

  1. L.T.D.C
  2. Ton Existence
  3. Juste Un Vieux Punk
  4. Aujourd'hui Plus Qu'hier
  5. J'ai Pas Envie

Side B:

  1. Superstar
  2. Ils Sont Tous Là
  3. Julia
  4. La Nuit Je mens
  5. La Vie Que J'aime


We had to wait 35 years before Panik release their 2nd album! Their deliver us 10 ultra catchy new songs with great tuneful hits that you keep in mind after a first listening. It's like they released it just after their 1st maxi LP. This is what we call a nice come back. 500 copies pressed on green vinyl. Coreleased with Combat Rock.