OXYMORON: "Fuck The 90's" LP 12''

LP: 14€+ postage




Side A :

  1. Bored & Violent
  2. Dead End Generation
  3. Hey You
  4. Dirty Punk
  5. Fuckers Everywhere
  6. Borstal
  7. The Factory

Side B:

  1. Mohican Tunes
  2. Beware, Poisonous!
  3. Drug Shock
  4. Selfrule
  5. Nuclear War
  6. Dawn Patrol
  7. On The Outside
  8. Strike


Here is finally the repressing of one of the best street punk albums of the 90s. Originally released in 1995, the Oxymoron impressed the punk scene with this 1st album. Almost carrying a new style, they bring the style of the 80's up to date by taking the best of punk sound and the best of oï sound against a background of unity that had long since disappeared. "Fuck the 90’s" made Oxymoron one of the pioneers of street punk. And it's not for nothing that the label's name is Dirty Punk Records! A raw and aggressive sound, punk texts, doc Marteens, mohicans and especially hits throughout the album. A pure wonder! 1000 copies pressed in fbruary 2020 (700 copies on black vinyl and 300 copies on splattered vinyl)!