NEOPHYTE: Ad Vitam Aeternam LP 12"



Side A :

  1. Petit comédien
  2. Prisonnier de ma conscience
  3. Jeunesse blanche...
  4. Chaos
  5. Versatile

Side B:

  1. Mourir ensemble
  2. J'accumule et j'aligne
  3. L'axe
  4. Dogme
  5. Ecchymose
  6. Pourvu que ça se finisse
After the success of the first album we released in vinyl, in a limited edition of 500 copies (this record is getting rare and there are already people looking for it), we decided to try again. This time, we were ready to make 1000 copies. As for the first album, this one had already been out for several months with Combat Rock, but we had to wait to finish all our ongoing projects before we got started.
After having discussed things with the band, we finally agreed on a limited edition of 999 copies, numbered by hand. The idea of having three different colors came quite quickly, and after thinking it over, we decided to have 333 black copies, 333 violet copies, and 333 blue ones. It gave us some trouble with the factory, who billed us for over 1000 colored LPs! Anyway, the main thing is that it exists and gives pleasure to vinyl fans. Numbers 1 to 333 are black, 334 to 666 are violet and 667 to 999 are blue. And there is a poster to go with them again. There are also 20 extra promo copies (the factory having made 20 extra).
This album leads on from the previous one, while being at the same time quite different. The Neophyte acquire a real identity with "Ad Vitam Aeternam". The texts are a bit more personal and need more thinking over. But it's still a gem for melody. The band marks an unquestionable place for itself on the French punk scene with this album. The vinyl was released in January 2004.