EXTERNAL MENACE: Coalition Blues LP 12"



Face A :

  1. Someday
  2. Poor Excuse
  3. Don't Conform
  4. What The Hell
  5. No Views
  6. Coalition Blues
  7. Vietnam

Face B:

  1. We Wanna Know
  2. Youth Of Today
  3. Escape From Hell
  4. Main Street Riot
  5. Have Visions
  6. Shocktrooper
  7. External Menace

We are more than proud of the re release of that famous Scottish band we ‘ve always been massive fans of ! Through over 35 years of punk rock, EXTERNAL MENACE has left its mark twice : in the early ‘80s with several EPs worthy of the best first Exploited titles ; then, in the  mid ‘90s, by successfully getting the band back together. For the first time ever,  Coalition Blues  includes all first ‘80s EPs, available on vinyl. For those who are not familiar with the band, take our word for it, it’s magnificent, pure British eighties punk rock ! Every now and then, the band still plays few festivals. 14 tracks on orange vinyl and a folding sleeve. Released in september 2013, 700 copies.