Disturbance Side:

  1. DNA
  2. No Worries
  3. Socially Insane
  4. Something To Believe In
  5. My Idol

Burning Lady Side:

  1. Wasted Time
  2. The Bonnie's Lament
  3. Another Way
  4. An Angel Die


Two great bands are sharing this new piece of vinyl.
The BURNINNG LADIES already drew our attention here in France with their mini 4 track CD “Wasted Time” which couldn’t be left unnoticed without a vinyl pressing. The “Burning Lady” side includes these 4 fabulous tracks. And for those who were asleep at the time, we are talking street punk with a superb female vocals and powerful chorus. One of the best things you could hear right now in French. And they are even better on stage!
DISTURBANCE are back with 5 new tracks. After a long silence, the DISTURBANCE machine is back on track with this recording. Still standing in between street punk and 80’s style hardcore punk, the band recorded with the old huge sound including a hit-to-be “No Worries”.
To be released late March 2011, 500
copies on white vinyl.