DEFIANCE: Rise or Fall Picture LP 12"



Side A :

  1. Final hour
  2. No reason
  3. Doing what you're told
  4. Still got fuck all
  5. I get so bored

Side B:

  1. Forced to serve
  2. Last night
  3. Screwed up
  4. We are the ones
  5. All the aces

Defiance is probably the most famous, and maybe the best US anarchopunk band around these days. After the release of their 4th album in the States, we tried, in vain, to find its vinyl counterpart, but it happened to be impossible. We got in touch with their label, Punk Core Records, who gave us the following reason: there were only 500 copies available, and, according to Punk Core, very few had crossed the ocean. It then seemed obvious to suggest a European version . As we had previously worked with them for their "Against the Law" EP, they agreed.
The point was to do a pressing for Europe only (no US export), as well as something different from the original US version. We came up with the idea of a picture disc. The band also submitted the plan of different titles. This very version has an unusual track. "Death Squad" (on US version) was replaced by "Forced to Serve", which happens to be the bonus track of the CD version (if you own the CD, you've got the lot !). A great item for vinyl addicts.
1000 copies (including an insert) were pressed in November 2005