COCK SPARRER: Did you have a nice life without me? 7"



Side A :

  1. Did You Have A Nice Life Without Me?

Side B:

  1. So Many Things

You can't do better than that, can you !? The legendary COCK SPARRER on Dirty Punk Records! You lot have told us before, Cock Sparrer are the best band of all time!! And, honestly, we do agree with you. So, it's a real pleasure for us to be able to release these 2 tracks on vinyl, especially as one of the two has never been released on that format before. So we have: "Did you have a nice time without me?", already included on the CD and LP, and on B side "So many things", which doesn't appear on the vinyl version.
We also have for the luckiest and the fastest of you a very special and limited "Fan Edition" (200 copies) with a totally different sleeve (see below). It will probably be hard to do better next time!!
Released in February 2008.