CHARGE 69/NCA: "Chtrakerie & Kerghedoul" Split 7"



Side A : NCA

  1. Terrorista
  2. Don't care

Side B: CHARGE 69

  1. Ma musique
  2. Toujours taxée

We were really keen to do something with NCA but when we suggested this to them, they had just released their first EP with Mass Production. However Yann, the bass player and an activist of the Morveux Production label, told us about a project he had to make a split with the Charge 69. When he asked us were we up for it, we didn't hesitate one second.
Each band recorded two titles. Charge 69 were faithful to their tradition: two tracks of Metz street punk ; great Charge 69 stuff. The surprise came from NCA, since "Terrorista" is a radical change from the band's usual style. Our favourite Bretons produced one shattering punk track and one completely street punk track.
It was all made in 1000 copies with a jacket made by Tony from the fanzine "Vauriens". It was released late December 1998 and exists in a few rare copies with a personal insert (ten or so!) made by Fred from "Raleur".
As for us, we're all for doing more things with NCA…