CHARGE 69: Retour au front EP7"


Side A :

  1. Triste Romance
  2. Retour Au Front
Side B:
  1. La Voix De Son Mal Etre
  2. Silencio

Even though the mini CD is not exactly recent, we couldn't help release these four tracks on vinyl, regarding the quality of the material. Because of several ongoing projects, we had to wait to release this record, and here comes Charge's new line-up. As a matter of fact, it's a new start as, (for latecomers or cloth-eared), Laurent quit singing and resumed drumming. Mumia is now playing the guitar and Vérole from Les Cadavres is on lead vocals. To put it plainly, just imagine Charge 69's street punk mixed with Vérole's lyrics caliber and you'll get the new Charge.
Note as well that among the four tracks, two will not appear on their forthcoming album, to be released in the course of 2011. The two remaining ones will be re-recorded. Which makes it a first.
"Retour au Front" is Dirty Punk Collectors Series's 4th EP, limited to 500 numbered half-black, half-blue vinyl copies, including insert.