LES CADAVRES: Au Terminus de l'Histoire (Chapter 1) 7''



Side A :

  1. Compulsion De Mort

Side B:

  1. Spes Unica
  2. SDK 2013

3 labels, one french cult band of the 80/90's + a nice vinyl project and this is the result: 9 brand new songs from LES CADAVRES, shared among 3 EP with 300 copies each on 3 different labels: Slow Death, Guerilla and Dirty Punk. Each 7" is in a different coloured vinyl (green for us, white for Guerilla and red for Slow Death) + an insert. One CD with a cardboard sleeve has also been presse for the dated ones who still listen to CD or worst: MP3! Fantastic piece of vinyl!!! Out in may 2013.