LES CADAVRES: Le Bonheur c'est simple comme un coup de fil... 12"



Side A :

  1. Ma Téloche
  2. Basta
  3. Nulle Part
  4. Dieu Seul Le Sait
  5. Flash Special
  6. L'Ile Du Pacifique
  7. Le Putch Des Poubelles
  8. Jah Seul Le Sait

Side B:

  1. 22
  2. Media Controle
  3. Jour De Fête
  4. Dieu Seul Continue A Le Savoir
  5. No Pasaran
  6. Mon Cleps Et Oim
  7. Dieu seul Conclut

What a mistake, by then, to have this record released as a CD only! OK! 1992 meant the outbreak of the CD format, and the magnificent album by Les Cadavres has been whisked away without a trace as far as the vinyl version was concerned. A regret we've been carrying around for 17 years. As the band is doing a few gigs in 2009, it was...now or never!!!
Les Cadavres 's trademark lies on their lyrics, dealing mostly with death, boredom, daily gloominess and depression... not to mention the happiness a consumer's society has in store with each of us.
This 2nd album,by the mythical band from the Parisian scene is nothing but a collection of hits like "Ma Téloche" (my TV), No Pasaran, 22, Basta, all of them encapsulating that festive, mushy spirit so typical of the band's name. Possibly the best French punk band from the last 20 years.
Opening sleeve and blue vinyl. After that, you can die in peace...