Side A :

  1. Super Curé
  2. Les Bras musclés
  3. Bretagne 44
  4. Vacances cannibales
  5. L'Ours
  6. Cinéma
  7. Les Conseils

Side B:

  1. Plus de carburant
  2. Si seulement
  3. HP Love
  4. Chourave
  5. Panchocolachorizo
  6. P.T.T.B.

One day, friends of ours, from the Rural Muzik label, called me :" Would you like to release Al Kapott's vinyl ? Are you interested ?" Of course we were !!! The band from Brest (Brittany) is some kind of a legend for fans of the 80s. After various appearances on several compilations (good ones, at that!), the band released a self produced 7", then the famous mini album issued by the also legendary label Chaos Production. All the group's vinyls (compilations included) are much sought-after , and very expensive. So, it really needed to be released again, another mission for Dirty Punk ! The record includes tracks from the compilations "77KK" (2 volumes), "Chaos in Europe", "1984 the 2nd", the 7", the mini LP and a demo track as a bonus. It's wrapped in a beautiful gatefold sleeve.
1000 copies have been pressed. This vinyl was released late June 2006.